Embracing Your Worth & Embracing Happiness

There have been moments when we felt like we weren’t smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough, talented enough, creative enough, patient enough, strong enough…you get the idea. Bottomline, we never believe we’re good enough. And as they say, we are our worst critics.

This was an excerpt from my blog post about Breaking Through Barriers, Trainstation’s weekend workshop that guides participants and helps them make get past personal challenges and work their way towards their ideal lives.

There are times when we feel like we aren’t enough for a lot of people or opportunities in our lives, times when we feel unworthy of better relationships, better jobs and better aspirations for ourselves.

Truth is, you’ve got everything within you to become truly amazing. It’s just that more often than not, growing up (read: adult jadedness) piles up anxiety, self-doubt and counterproductive beliefs and behaviors. Good thing is we’ve got some ideas on how to fix that.

Breaking Through Barriers is more than a seminar or workshop, it’s a valuable opportunity to refill your cup of self-love, your understanding of others, and your capacity for better things that you may not have imagined for yourself before.

Trainstation offers Breaking Through Barriers every month.  For upcoming schedules or to organize Breaking Through Barriers for your own organization, you may contact Trainstation at or 437-0128-29.

Breaking Through Barriers

About the author
 is a Learning & Development Consultant and NLP Practitioner at Trainstation. Nearly 7 years after graduating from De La Salle University and pursuing others fields including writing, design and entrepreneurship, Psychology crossed her path again through Trainstation. :)

She is also the founder of, a community that promotes mindfulness through social media and events, and co-founder of retail design company Punchdrunk Panda. Follow her on Twitter at @nomadmanager and visit her blog at

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