From London to Manila by NLP Trainer Michael Carroll

NLP Trainer and our main speaker for the OVERCOMING TRAUMA & BUILDING RESILIENCE Training Series shares his experience in the Philippines so far in a post written last December 13, just a day in. Here’s a few excerpts from his account:

“Today, (Friday) I met survivors of Yolanda, people whose life are very different now than a month ago. One girl of 18 was having severe anxiety marked by chest pains. She hadn’t  told anyone about the pains,  I picked that up through calibration.  When we sat and talked she talked of every day issues she is facing, divorced parents, bullying at college, broken friendships, her doubts about her future, and doubts about what to study. This narrative could be typical of any 18 year old person, but as she explained these every day issues there was a real irregularity in her breathing and frequent hand movements to her chest.  Linguistically she was rationalising by talking about her everyday issues yet in the body she was really feeling the intensity of her recent experiences. All of this was gauged through my calibration at her non-verbal responses to the questions I asked. There was a different physical response when speaking about Yolanda compared to her everyday issues (which would be expected), her verbal output was rationalisation directing her immediate attention to every day issues, hardly surprising really.

Tomorrow, I leave for Tacloban,  the main area hit by Yolanda. There is no electricity and food is scare there. I have been told to dress down and bring no valuables as hungry, tired and angry people resort to theft.  I will be exchanging  the comfort of this Manila hotel for something very different. Things are still extreme in Tacloban, I have been told not all the 5000 people who died in the tragedy have been buried yet. I will be working with teachers;  who in January when schools return with very different classes. I will also be working directly with survivors. It’s going to be challenge, I am here to contribute, learn and then share those learnings, in that order.”

Read his detailed account on his blog post here.

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