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Our lives are interspersed with many moments, some happy, some sad, some infuriating, some exhilarating. There are moments we love to remember, moments we wish to forget, and sometimes, moments that change our lives forever.

For myself and many other past participants of Trainstation’s Breaking Through Barriers (BTB), it was a powerful, life-altering weekend that has broken us down to put us back together stronger, wiser, more mindful, and more able to take on what life throws at us, and to take control of our lives in the only way we can reasonably expect any change: through ourselves.

Many of us often go through life with a set of defaults, ways of doing things, ways of speaking and ways of thinking about ourselves, our situation, and other people. And sometimes, certain situations leave us feeling helpless, when the simple truth is there are so many other choices available to you, if we choose to see them, if we choose to look beyond the excuses we make to ourselves to keep ourselves from getting the happiness and fulfillment we want and are worthy of.

During last September’s run of Breaking Through Barriers, here’s what some of our participants had to say:

“So enlightened and feeling so much better after 2 days of breaking through barriers with Trainstation Manila. Amazing!!! Now more ready to face life and the world from a better perspective. Truly life changing! I love you guys! …This seminar called Breaking Through Barriers (BTB) has broadened my mind. It has now changed the way I see things. Hence, I am now more accepting of other people’s flaws including those of my own, which helped me forgive painful experiences caused by those who hurt me the most in the past. And because I’ve fully let go of those heavy emotional and mental baggage, I am now walking feeling much lighter and a little bit taller. It’s like a heavy weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and life just seems much easier to handle and a lot brighter.”
– Jen Adams [Read Jen’s full blog post about her BTB experience here and here.]

“Just finished a 2 day Breaking through Barriers session conducted by Carelle Lee Mangaliag of Trainstation. I love every single moment and all the learnings from the talk, games and sharing by other participants/coaches. I’ve honestly never attended a seminar where I was glued to my seat the whole time , listening intently and internalizing what’s being discussed. I encourage everyone to attend this Breaking through Barriers seminar by Trainstation and see how it changes your life, for the better. Thanks again to the whole Trainstation team and to my classmates for the 2 days. Such a fun fun group!”
– Sharon Chong

“I am very blessed and honored that I was able to attend the 2-day session of Breaking Through Barriers. I am deeply touched, moved and healed by the amazing experience I shared with people I will forever be grateful for.
What Train Station does is truly amazing! You don’t just teach your participants the necessary principles and techniques they need to live a better life, you are not just trainers or coaches.. To me, you are life-changers and healers.. Thank you also to my new found friends who nurtured me with new learnings based on their own experiences. (Thank you for sharing, for contributing to the beautiful experience I had during BTB). Like what Ryan said, Keep connected!”
– Monica Dacanay

Trainstation offers Breaking Through Barriers every month.  For upcoming schedules or to organize Breaking Through Barriers for your own organization, you may contact Trainstation at or 437-0128-29.

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About the author
 is a Learning & Development Consultant and NLP Practitioner at Trainstation. Nearly 7 years after graduating from De La Salle University and pursuing others fields including writing, design and entrepreneurship, Psychology crossed her path again through Trainstation. :)

She is also the founder of, a community that promotes mindfulness through social media and events, and co-founder of retail design company Punchdrunk Panda. Follow her on Twitter at @nomadmanager and visit her blog at

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