Our Story

TrainStation began as a dream. A dream of Carelle Mangaliag-Herrera, an Awit awardee singer, theater actor, and improv comedienne and FAMAS best child actor and entrepreneur RR Herrera, as they met in theater and have transitioned into leading their own businesses in service and sales.

In 1994, Carelle began that dream of inspiring and helping more people. She has come from humble beginnings and grew up with financial difficulties. She has gone through painful struggles and grueling challenges in life, but she embarked on a journey to take charge of her story and redesign her destiny. From then on she knew that she wanted to create an organization that will inspire choice in people.

She knew it would be a difficult road but still, she stepped forward. Starting as a Freelance Trainer and Consultant for more than 10 years, she then incorporated her brainchild, Motivating Minds, in 2006. Exposed to thousands of talks and books on motivation, she was unsatiated with just “positivity” and wanted to know “how”. After initial self-study, she eventually learned from the best mentors all over the world, including the founder of NLP himself, Dr. John Grinder.

Through Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), years of application, research, and groundwork study, she has led many individuals and companies to be inspired, moved, and changed. In 2007, RR Herrera joined Motivating Minds and became one of its premier international trainers, and led the business development of the organization

In 2011, Carelle and RR transitioned the organization into Trainstation Inc. Their relentlessness to uncover the HOW and the WHY of belief and behavioral change, led to further studies of Applied Neurosciences and Positive Psychology. They have paved the way for hundreds of jobs for trainers, hundreds of thousands of lives touched, reaching more than 50 countries around the globe with face-to-face and online training programs. They have been doing change-work for organizations, top corporations, leading multinationals as well as marginalized communities in motivation, empowerment, confidence, and communication for leadership, sales, service, and team excellence.

They have honed the methodology of Trainstation’s Rock-the-house EnterTRAINment and life-changing programs as they continue to expand their resources to keep on giving the best in cutting-edge information to serve their partners.

As the company’s Chief Mover, Carelle moved through her stories of pain and triumph, into how she moved herself and her family forward. Through her stories, she moves people through laughter, fun, and fascination. She achieved her dream of motivating people for better results.

Today, TrainStation has become a group of Movers who dream of empowering more people to re-write their own stories. The dream now is to reach more people across the globe–To move their minds into motivated action that will move our society for the greater good because there is more good to be done.

Our Story | TrainStation - Moving people to be amazing by choice
TrainStations leaders from left to right, Kevin Concepcion, Jacqueline Tan-Sainz, RR Herrera, Carlo Sainz, Carelle Mangaliag Herrera

We are Movers of people who believe in amazing by choice. We help each other and others to make better choices every day so we can rewrite our life stories. Through EnterTRAINment, we achieve learning in action. We move people towards greater good, towards a choice that is better than good. We want to inspire and move others to be amazing by choice.

We are a motivational training company. We educate through our seminars, workshops, public programs, and corporate training to address the belief and behavioral change needed by our partners. We empower through our motivational talks, conferences, events, kick-offs, rallies, and conventions. We enable experiences to build culture, sustain initiatives, activate consumer engagements and internal communication. We equip leaders, employees, individuals, and teams through change, processes, and productivity.

We inspire and equip people to move forward towards empowerment of self and others through ‘Enter-Train-ment’. This is a combination of entertainment and training using Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Applied Neuroscience, and Positive Psychology. Because the brain is a high resistance pathway, we use the path of least resistance which is through fascination. Our methods are Fun and based on Facts, and Fundamentals that are proven by science and addressing the brain’s needs: We get its attention to keep it engaged, we Generate learning into personal, professional, and practical experiences, we engage emotions, and create spacing for maximum effectiveness and sustainable learning.

We partner with you to make sure that we can provide the tracks for your growth and development needs.

Our Values