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TRAINSTATION Gets Accreditation for CSC and NEAP

As 2020 comes to a close, TRAINSTATION INC. tops off the year as an accredited Learning Institution for the CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION (CSC) and DepEd’s NATIONAL EDUCATORS ACADEMY OF THE PHILIPPINES (NEAP). Both government offices are committed to the continuous professional growth by providing avenues for learning for their respective personnel. The Philippine Civil Service […]

The Benefits of REM Sleep

Did you know that you SHOULDN’T sleep for 8 hours?  You should sleep 7 ½ or 9 hours if you must sleep longer. “WHY?” Have you ever felt more sluggish after 8 hours of sleep while you feel on the go with just 6 hours?  Understanding the nature of sleep and its patterns allows you […]

TrainStation inspires people in Government during the 2019 Civil Service Commission HR Symposium

Over 2700 delegates, 3 full days of learning, 1 significant event that can be considered as a giant leap forward in the development of the public sector. This is what transpired at the PICC last July 24-26 during this year’s Public Sector HR Symposium by the Civil Service Commission. The main drive for 2019’s CSC […]

How to Reduce Stress Easily and Immediately

STRESS!!! Many solutions.. many tips…. But sometimes, you can’t meditate in front of a client. You can’t bring your stress ball with you all the time.  Despite all your time management planning, your smartphone and your synchronized calendar, you still experience monumental stress. People get stressed differently and should address their stresses differently as well. […]

Neuroscience of Fun

People used to think that work and fun should not and do not go together. I had this business partner who shouts at us “Back to Work!” when we are having a meeting and we end up laughing and having a little bit of fun. Studies show that fun is not just helping people become […]